To give the author more control, Pencil Edits does not charge by the hour. Clients have no idea how slow or fast an editor will work, nor can they monitor how an editor will spend their time. By charging per word, Pencil Edits puts the control directly in the hands of the author. Before the project begins, the author will know exactly the type of expense they will incur. With rates structured per word, the author can estimate the expenses for their project before they even contact Pencil Edits directly.

Below is an estimation of our rates.

Small Jobs – Invitations, brochures, pieces under 2,500 words $25 per page. A “page” in reference to a short article or essay is typically 12 point font with 1.5″ margins.

Large Jobs – Books, manuscripts, scripts, and other pieces over 2,500 words are charged per word.
Word Rates:
Author Consultation: $200 flat fee, $01 per word
Content Editing $.04 per word
Copy Editing $.03 per word
Formatting/Production Editing $.02 per word. This price can vary due to style. A $200 design fee will be applied for manuscripts formatted for publishing.
Proofreading $.01 per word
Each specific type of editing takes differing amounts of time. For example, copy editing is time intensive, while proofreading should be a faster edit.

The Proposal and Contract Process
Proposal: For small projects, the proposal stage is a free service. The author will provide the work to be edited and will request the type of editing they require (content, copy, formatting, or proofreading). Pencil Edits will review the manuscript and recommend the type of editing for the project. A $50 proposal fee will be applied for works over 20,000 words. The proposal will include the type of editing needed and an estimate for the cost of the job.

Contract and Deposit: If the estimate is accepted by the author, a general contract is signed to protect both parties. For large jobs, a minimum of 10% of the total amount is required as a down payment upon the contract’s acceptance. This amount will be applied to the final total of the job.

If changes to the contract occur (significant adjustments to the estimated editing time allotted), Pencil Edits will notify the author as soon as possible.

Once edits are complete, the work will be returned to the author by the date noted in the contract, and final payment will be given.

PayPal, money orders, Venmo, checks, and cash are accepted payments. The PayPal fee will be added to the total amount and paid by the author. Invoices are available upon request.

pencil-edits-pencil“I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil.” – Truman Capote