Anyone can be a good writer.
They just need a great editor.

Books, Blogs, Articles, Brochures, Invitations, Marketing Materials, Newsletters, Academic Papers, and Websites—all need editing.

Pencil Edits is a freelance editing company that offers professional editing to a variety of writers and their works.

I will say it is hard to let someone read your ‘book baby,’ and one of the first people who get to see your very rough ‘baby’ is an editor. I loved working with Anna Middlebrook of Pencil Edits. She advised me on what she felt my manuscript needed, and I felt confident in her abilities to keep my story and poetry intact. Anna was up front with her fees, what she could do (as far as copy edits or developmental edits), and she was easy to work with. She communicated her thoughts and was always an email or a phone call away. I absolutely would work with her again. Poet, Fiction, & Non-fiction Author (copy editing)

I absolutely loved working with Pencil Edits on the book formatting for my print book and ebook. She worked so patiently, finding exactly the fonts and design format that reflected my project perfectly. The end result was a beautifully easy-on-the eyes product. My words were in very good hands. Nonfiction Author (formatting)

Anna is a joy to work with. She is highly professional, efficient, and very helpful in my journey of writing children’s books. Children’s Book Author (content editing, copy editing, & formatting)

As a columnist in my local paper for more than 25 years, Anna was very helpful with consulting about turning those columns into a book. She laid a perfect road map for me to follow, a step-by-step guide turning my newspaper work into a book. She knows what’s she’s doing. Nonfiction Author (author consult)

There is nothing worse than having your hard work lose worth and value because of typos and grammatical errors! Pencil Edits did such a fastidious job copy editing for me. Years later and I have still not found a mistake in my book. I am so thankful to have had Pencil Edits in my corner. Memoir Author (copy editing)

“To write is human, to edit is divine.”
– Stephen King